Choose the best 4G amplifier to improve the coverage of your home or office

2022-06-28 07:21:47 By : Mr. Chen Andy

Today's world moves around the digital and being 100% connected is essential for our work, our personal life and for good socialization.Everything is available on our mobile phones and the Internet and, fortunately, nowadays it is very easy to alleviate one of the main problems that we suffer in our devices, the lack of coverage.Living or working in an area with a poor telephone signal can be a real headache for anyone, since fewer signals affect the work they are trying to do.Also, it's quite frustrating that whatever you're doing is continually delayed due to poor coverage in an age where immediacy is paramount.Luckily, technology once again gives us the solution to this headache with a practical tool to fix a weak signal and amplify the 4G in any corner of our home, building or workplace;all this without complex configurations.Thanks to the MyAmplifiers signal booster, you will never be disconnected again.Having a good 4G amplifier is essential today if we are unable to stay connected to a stable network when we do not have a Wi-Fi connection nearby, such as in a second home, at work or in town.These repeaters are in charge, as its own name says, of amplifying the intensity of the signal of a Network antenna that we have in the surroundings.Today, due to the high traffic of a Network, the distance from a communications antenna or the specific construction of a building, we continue to find very weak or null signals within certain places.For this reason, the use of a mobile signal booster is becoming popular as they help strengthen network signals within the areas where they are most needed.They allow you to boost the signal strength of 2G, 3G, 4G LTE networks and even improve 5G signals.Imagine that you are in an emergency and need to make a call.Or that you urgently need to send a document to the office.Or that in the midst of a pandemic you depend on the 4G connection to maintain video calls.If the coverage of your phone is strong, the situation will not be a problem, but if you experience signal cuts, bad business.To this we have to add that a 4G amplifier allows a better communication experience, improving the quality of audio or video calls.In addition, these signal boosters are not only compatible with a certain number of specific phones, but they work with phones of any brand and, best of all, with the network of any operator that works within the national territory.We cannot forget that these devices are small in size and easy to transport, so if you often travel for work or to a second home, you can take it with you to maintain a better connection by amplifying the strength of the signal wherever you go.The good thing about MyAmplifiers 4G amplifiers is that all mobile brand equipment works in full duplex, so they not only intensify a weak signal coming from the tower and intensify it, but also capture the mobile signal and they transmit it to the tower of the mobile operator.This means that both calls and data are improved, whether they come in or out, or download or upload things to the Internet.The only thing you have to take into account is that the distance between the mobile and the repeater tower should not exceed 35 km and that you have stable coverage outside the building, so that the operation of any amplifier is effective.Usually 2-3 stripes are enough.The difference between models consists in their coverage and capacity.In the brand's catalog you will find models to cover premises from 150m2 to 3000m2, for calls and 3G or 4G/LTE data and organized by operators (Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo, Jazztel, Esukaltel Lebara, ONO, MásMóvil, PepePhone, Simyo, Tuenti…).The best thing you can do is choose the phone company that gives you service and choose one of the devices shown in the list according to your needs and budget.You can even take advantage of the occasional offer and save a good sum of money when buying your 4G amplifier.If you have questions about installation, operation or differences between models, you can always talk to a store agent for advice on the best signal booster and answers to all your questions.