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2022-06-15 12:22:27 By : Mr. Michael Liu

By Maria Herminia GrandeAlberto Fernández, as president of CELAC, starred in the Summit of the Americas in an "I say what I think" before the president of the United States with the Latin American mandate.What if he tried to do the same at home with the mandate that the Argentine people widely gave him?Namely: recovering the economy -this is happening, beyond the uncertainty expressed by businessmen-, defeating inflation -it does not happen- and narrowing the crack -it widens without interruption, adding its own-.Politics also has its sayings.Namely.“You can only do what can be explained”: the example of Matías Kulfas shows the opposite.“I don't have enough to get there, but I have enough so that they don't get there”: unfortunately, Argentine politics is going through this moment.And tired just to ingratiate himself with an increasingly alienated electorate, he sends a pale message, taking an interest in something on the society's agenda.Society that considers it as a machine to prevent more than to build.Society openly shows its disappointment with politics, that is dangerous.You don't need to be a keen observer to see that the President is threatening to cut the political umbilical cord with his mentor, but he doesn't decide, at the risk of going down in history as the president who couldn't –due to internal pulls-;that he did not know –he did not dare to agree on strategic policies-;that he did not want - this is what this chronicler believes that he wanted but put the resolution of internal conflicts before the mandate of his voters.At this point the President should evaluate that time is not his ally, but his enemy.The clock and his political behavior reveal his support.The former Minister of Education, Nicolás Trotta, who is part of the Center for Development and Concertation together with former Minister Daniel Arroyo, told Infobae: “The responsibility that the FdT is wrong lies with the President because he is the one who must call the dialogue to the Vice, the governors and all the members of the space, to reset their government and find policies against inflation, to counteract the 17% of white workers who are below the poverty line”.As for the gas pipeline that Matías Kulfas was wearing, in addition to the technical errors made by government supporters and opponents, it is clear that Techint is the only company that can manufacture these pipes in Argentina.The pipes are tendered but not paid for.The environmental impact study is being done, not yet finished.It would not hurt for the provinces through which the gas pipeline will pass to come out in support, given the workforce that it will also mean for them.The political class must understand that Argentina needs that gas pipeline and as soon as possible.If the President wishes to shield the entire process of its construction, he has at hand, like the political forces, the technical knowledge of FIUBA, taking into account the local and international academic prestige of the best Ibero-American university.Fuel is another problem.Announcements are expected about a no less palliative, which is to stretch the cut of 5% established by law, to 10 or 15% proposed by Córdoba and Santa Fe and the industry.The President, on Wednesday in Granadero Baigorria (Santa Fe), could announce it.If the government heeds this suggestion with a cut close to the one requested, it would imply practically substituting the 2 million tons of diesel that are imported, avoiding an enormous expenditure of foreign currency, generating an important transformation of the oil, greater export of flour that comes out of the crushing of soy, caring for the environment, greater added value and giving work to the small and medium-sized companies that produce it.Today it is the option that the country must attend to.The Enlace table believes that the cut is part of the solution, but not the solution, and anticipates that the producers are asking them for protest measures.Jorge Chemes, head of the CRA, told this outlet: “At the end of the month we are going to organize a large meeting in Buenos Aires, almost certainly, with all the links in the agribusiness chain.We will prepare a document that later at the end of the month or the first days of July we will distribute along the country's routes, without cutting them ".The document will not only contain the position on the fuel issue, but will also revisit the 19 points that opportunely approached the government, among them the issue of the tax burden, including withholdings, the lack of incentives for production and the request for predictability for producers.Another issue has to do with the equitable distribution of transportation subsidies between AMBA and the interior.Today the eleven projects presented are discussed in the Transportation Commission with the presence of Minister Alexis Guerrera.The area secretary Diego Giuliano told Infobae: "We are going to continue working to guarantee the $46 billion that were in the rejected Budget ruling."It happens that due to inflation they are already requesting $70 billion.In general, the projects coincide in an equitable distribution based on the fleet, kilometers traveled and the driving staff.The opposition threatens to have the numbers to pass a law, it would be much more logical for the Executive to resolve it.Perhaps by increasing subsidies to the interior and freezing the AMBA.Bringing this to Congress would expose FdT deputies who know of the suffering that this inequity produces in their provinces to a very difficult situation.In the opposition there is beginning to be talk of crossed formulas.Some sector of the UCR suspects that Gerardo Morales is accumulating to later integrate the formula with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.If this is done by the president of the party, he enables the rest to do the same.Facundo Manes firmly resists this, because he would take away his chances.In this sense, Maximiliano Abad told this medium: "We understand that with crossed formulas, the identity of the spaces that compete in a PASO is lost, although it is not yet time to define formulas."The most important businessmen of the country gathered in AEA had their meeting.By not having a clear and direct arrival at the government, as they did not have with former President Macri, it became a collective catharsis.The message did not appear.Perhaps they wanted to express their frustration at the decadence and impotence of seeing the opportunity pass even with all the power they hold, given that the problem is not economic, but political.The latest in PoliticsThe latest from country© EL LIBERAL SA (see mobile version) Editorial Director: Lic. 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