The PRyA requests mobile phone coverage in all the villages of the municipality

2022-06-16 09:00:55 By : Ms. Yi Sofia

From the Partido de Requena y Aldeas they want to express their support for the residents of the villages that have poor or no mobile phone coverage.It seems unbelievable that in the year 2022 there are still towns in the municipality without this basic service today for everyone and, even more so, with the issue of depopulation being topical and on the lips of all political parties.It is very difficult to live in villages without the most basic services, condemning them to absolute abandonment.Villages so far from Requena, such as Villar de Olmos, barely have coverage to make a call in case of a health emergency, others like Casas del Río, located near the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant, would not be able to do so in case of a nuclear emergency either. .From the Partido de Requena y Aldeas they cannot understand how any public administration does anything to remedy it.They are not aware of initiatives by the Valencian government, the Valencia Provincial Council or the Government of Spain to be able to provide coverage to the villages and put an end to this problem once and for all.Not even from the socialist government of Mario Sánchez have they had a single news that the Requena City Council is proceeding to correct this unfortunate situation.In order to have mobile phone coverage in the villages, all public administrations must be involved, which is why the Partido de Requena y Aldeas publicly requests the socialist government of Mario Sánchez to take all the necessary steps so that all the villages have mobile phone - A website of Va de Bo Editorial Valenciana SL