They seek to prevent violence among adolescents - El Liberal

2022-06-15 12:22:28 By : Mr. Realman SZ

The Municipal Security Program "Band Alert" provided a report on the work it has been doing in secondary schools to prevent acts of violence among adolescents within educational establishments and on public roads.As reported, security personnel have been working for a long time with educational institutions in the city of La Banda, to prevent aggressions and fights between adolescents that in some cases leave young people beaten and with psychological trauma.Recently, a security camera captured how two students were beating each other in the middle of a public thoroughfare before the astonished gaze of the occasional passers-by.Undoubtedly, this is a very serious situation, which is why Alerta Banda not only gives awareness talks in schools but also works with parents at home so that they can make their children aware of the risks of these actions.The authorities made telephone numbers available to assist and contain the young people and their families, 6002208 and 6002203.The latest in PoliticsThe latest from country© EL LIBERAL SA (see mobile version) Editorial Director: Lic. Gustavo Eduardo Ick Santiago del Estero / Argentine Republic