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Published by Yoni Yardeni Nov 11, 2022

Published by Yoni Yardeni Nov 11, 2022 Desk With Hutch

Vika One Flat-Pack Tiny Home | HiConsumption


The ability to live in several spots at an affordable rate is as appealing a concept as any, and Vika Living is a hospitality startup that aims to accommodate the modern nomad.

Fully inspired by Swedish architectural design, the up-and-coming manufacturer’s semi-permanent housing systems boast several streamlined, configurable options, but each of them features a fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom, floor-to-ceiling windows, and mechanical systems for HVAC, water, power, and waste. All this is implemented into its interior, leaving 144 sqft of living space for room to roam. In addition to being filled with numerous amenities, the Viko One is remarkably compact and leaves an even smaller footprint, as the heating and cooling system is energy efficient, and its smaller size allows the startup to ship multiple units at a time. 

The humble homemakers assemble each of their tiny abodes in the heart of Los Angeles before being placed on a delivery truck headed for your destination. Then, upon receiving your new tiny home, installation for small orders is expected to last no more than a day. And while it is equipped enough to bode in a suburban community, Vika offers an Off-Grid package that paves the way for up 7.2KWh of energy storage, a 2.4KW solar system, and freshwater filtration. Lastly, re-locating is immensely simple, as all it takes is a forklift and flatbed trailer to move as you please.

Vika’s innovative, planet-friendly Flat-Pack Tiny Homes are available upon request through the startup’s website.

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Vika One Flat-Pack Tiny Home | HiConsumption

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